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[community profile] weissvsaiyuki Battle is back and looking for prompts, which you can give even if you're not playing.

Prompts can be anonymous or not. Prompt requests can be posted here anytime between now and the end of battle. (Prompt fulfillments can only be posted during the battle dates, and will be in their own separate posts.) Prompts can be anything--canon, AU, crossover, explicit, WAFF, you name it--but they must ultimately be for Saiyuki, Weiss Kreuz, or both/either. (Please do not request depictions of underage sex, it is not allowed in this community.) You can prompt a prompt that has been requested elsewhere before! You can prompt something that's been written a million times!

Fic will be written for Autumn 2017.


A friend told me that when Civic reaches 16 years old this month, in some U.S. states she'll be old enough to learn to drive herself. ::sobs::

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Previous installments are available through the "glass houses" LJ or DW tag on the entries or in my LJ Memories here. (Please make sure the Memory page is set to sort by Description to get the entries in the closest-to-correct order.) Or you can read it at its other home on Archive of Our Own.

'Glass Houses' WIP part 302 )


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