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([personal profile] viridian5 Oct. 18th, 2017 01:29 pm)
I don't know yet whether my laptop is dead or only mostly dead and my local library only gives me an hour a day on its computers, so I don't think I'll be getting much written or done in the near future. (Pecking at the tiny touchscreen of my iPhone 5S to write fic isn't happening.) The shop guy says that if there's damage to my Windows OS since it's Windows XP and thus long discontinued and unsupported I might have to give my laptop up as dead. I'm hoping that at the very least he can save my files, since I don't have everything on my zip drives. My iTunes MP3 library alone, never mind ten years of photo files, never mind my nearly 20 years of fic....

I managed to post some things to [community profile] weissvsaiyuki and now today to AO3 but don't have the ability to post HTML files to my personal website in my current circumstances. You can see those fics on the DW community above or at AO3 as

Farce,” a post-canon, PG-13, Weiß Kreuz Crawford and Schuldig fic


Off the Chain,” a PG-13, gen, Saiyuki fic mostly featuring Gojyo and Sanzo


I got my MRI and MRA tests results back and, as usual, they say I'm no more messed up than the last time I did them, which means my neurologist has no idea why my pain, odd sensations, and feelings of weakness have been worse in the last few weeks so he doesn't know how to treat them. Next verse, just like the first.
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([personal profile] viridian5 Oct. 15th, 2017 12:46 am)
Posting from my phone.

My laptop turned itself off and will not get through Windows start-up in the three times I tried since. Of course this happens on the first day of Weiss vs Saiyuki Battle while I'm coding some of my submissions. I'm giving the laptop a rest for a while before trying again and hoping this isn't the death of my laptop, with some things I didn't save to a Zip drive yet because I was in the middle of working on them. (I'm still using my Windows XP machine due to money issues.) Of course this would happen on the first day of Battle. I've been dying for two weeks to post my stuff and now I can't.

Of course this is also happening at a time when I'm in major increased pain and neurological flare (weird sensations, numbness, some feelings of weakness). I'm really worried and really, really depressed, and I'm getting an MRI of my brain and brain stem to see if the back of my brain is slumping on my spine again and an MRA done of my carotid artery tonight.

Update 1:22 am: I tried starting the computer in Safe Mode but the process got a blue screen and turned off my laptop. It won't go all the way through Windows start-up in normal mode or "last okay configuration" mode either. Not good at all.

Update 4:30 pm: My computer will not start up.
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([personal profile] viridian5 Oct. 9th, 2017 12:10 am)
The latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead, "El Matadero," just further fanned the flames of the Nick/Troy I've been seeing this season. spoilers )

And then I found out on Talking Dead that surprise Talking Dead guest ) ships them hard. So hard. And "Trick" was discussed pretty openly by Chris Hardwick as well. I'm so amused. And wondering if Fear the Walking Dead will actually go there since these days things are possible.

I watched them with a friend. Here are what I thought were our most amusing observations:

spoilers )


Jordan Peele and Tilda Swinton in a commercial together? How much money does Lyft have?


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