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([personal profile] viridian5 Sep. 18th, 2017 11:44 pm)
There's probably a way to do this on AO3 and I just don't know it, but for the most part I don't want to read your setting-change AUs, so many modern fic authors. I don't want to see the characters in a modern, Regency, coffee shop, high school/college, hipster, or pirate setting. Canon divergence is often okay with me, but if I'm in the fandom the odds are good I like the canon setting and canon version of the characters and want to read about them. There are some authors skilled enough to carry me along but not enough to make up for the deluge.

Is there a way to filter them out? Because there are way too many of them in many fandoms I'm reading lately.


Add another to the list of Things that Only Happen to V: Sunday night my car was the next in line and partially inside an auto car wash when the machine broke. After I paid by credit card, so they had to refund it. They had to back my car out, and when it showed up a plastic piece of the undercarriage had been partially ripped loose and dragged along the ground, no doubt from the machine malfunction while gripping my car to move it. I couldn't see if there was more damage. The guys tucked it up and told me to come back Monday when they'd have some mechanics in. I came back and they bolted the plastic piece back on while swearing no other damage was done. I'm keeping Sunday's receipts just in case.
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([personal profile] viridian5 Sep. 18th, 2017 03:38 am)
Watamote has been annoying me because it makes its protagonist somewhat repellent and falls into the unfortunately common category of making a social outcast's outcast state totally her fault. People keep making friendly overtures to her but she's too much of a mess to actually talk to them, driving them away. If only she would let people in, the show despairs. If only she wouldn't let her solitude make her so weird.

Where were all these friendly, interested people when I was unpopular in school? (I'm sure I'm not alone in wondering that.) Read more... )

I was shy but put effort in as much as I could, making a few friends over time, but I worked for all of it.
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([personal profile] viridian5 Sep. 16th, 2017 11:10 pm)
I've been watching the Planet Earth documentary series on BBC. (Tonight it's their "Frozen Planet" episodes.) Not only are the photography and footage are amazing, they could provide interesting ideas for people writing alien worlds and creatures, because some of these have to be seen to be believed.


The sudden heatwave of temperatures higher than some parts of August, which had been mild some weeks, has been messing with my head, which never deals well with sudden temperature or weather shifts. I resent that I'm still paying for air conditioning. We're getting golden autumn afternoon light but it feels like July.

I also want to start wearing jackets and boots.
Monday night I drove into Brooklyn and Manhattan to see the Tribute in Light. Seeing the 9/11 stuff on the TV brought me to tears sometimes but this year the Tribute didn't make me cry, though the catharsis/"do something about it" parts amidst the apocalypse of A Thousand Suns I was listening to the whole time might've helped. Getting my car redirected and lost a few times may have contributed as well, since frustration and rage came in.

For whatever reason, recently I recalled how wonderful fandom was that day, so many people checking online hoping for the safety of New York City-based fans and the blatant relief from many when I (and others) checked into the internet. I had to wait until that afternoon, when the local phone lines finally calmed down a bit.
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From the minds of Star Wars fans comes the story of Stabby the Space Roomba, in 1, 2, 3. The only explanation is... Skywalkers.


I'm stunned by how utterly bored Preacher is making me this season. The plots sound outrageous but the reaction is all too often boredom.


I'm wondering if anyone read my DVD commentary on "In Two," because I put a lot of thought, time, and work into it but have no idea. It'll affect whether I do a commentary on the Aya/Yoji parts of "The Tightening Noose," because if the interest isn't there I can do other things with my time.